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And your bedside lamp becomes your sleep's best friend

A clinically proven lighting solution, the SleepCompanion will help you get the sleep you need. It combines an exclusive light-bulb designed to synchronize with your body's biological rhythm by generating the right light it needs at the right moment with a smartphone App that analyses your sleep patterns and provides personalized advice to improve your sleep.

Soft rising light wakes you gradually

The light intensity gradually increases before you set wake up time. Light falls onto your eyes to reduce the level of melatonin and to increase your level of energy, preparing your body for a natural wake-up.

Relax and ease into a restful sleep

The light of your SleepCompanion™ adjusts to the hour of the day to perfectly match your melatonin-driven circadian rhythms. It's dimming program prepares your body to fall asleep. Naturally. Still can't sleep? Use it's relaxation program to clear your mind of thoughts and worries and get a good night's sleep without any prescription or over-the-counter sleeping pills.