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Today’s modern outdoor home is reliant upon an assortment of design-neglected appliances and devices which are antiquated,
inefficient, and difficult to use. Lono, an outdoor smart home company, engineers a portfolio of intelligent, interconnected devices which make it incredibly easy for homeowners’ to maintain and manage their homes. Lono’s first product is an intelligent, WiFi sprinkler controller which gives homeowners the control and intelligence they need to make managing their homes easier and more efficient. By radically redefining the outdoor home, Lono products empower homeowners and enable the home as a responsive platform.


the technology

The Lono controller uses WiFi & Bluetooth to communicate over a homeowner’s network, and ultimately interface with Lono’s intelligent cloud. Lono’s intelligent cloud collects, segments and operates upon a wide assortment of data inputs - i.e., lawn data, weather data, geographic location data, historical evapotranspiration data, etc. These inputs fuel soil moisture algorithms which give Lono the actionable intelligence necessary to proficiently water one’s lawn.



Lono’s vision for an outdoor smart home centers upon easy-to-use solutions which enable homeowners to reduce water consumption and optimize energy usage.

As much as 50% of water used outdoors today is being wasted, and in the U.S. alone, billions of gallons of water are wasted each year as a result of inefficient watering.

By empowering homeowners with an intuitive and accessible sprinkler controller, Lono strives to make a meaningful eco-impact.