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Smartlock. No keys. Just your smartphone

Danalock combines the elegance and minimalism of Scandinavian design - with a bezel in massive anodized aluminum featuring Bluetooth Smart technology. Red/green LED and touch sound signals make the Danalock easy to operate and use. Danalock can be operated by hand, touch button, app or traditional key.

Use your smartphone to lock or unlock your door and never fret about a lost key or forgotten door code again.

Use Bluetooth Smart to connect via smartphone when in proximity, grant access from anywhere in the world. You can send others limited or unlimited access keys to your home, vacation house, or office while keeping track of who enters and when.

  Available in silver or bronze. Also available in Bluetooth   or Bluetooth/Z-wave.

Available in silver or bronze. Also available in Bluetooth or Bluetooth/Z-wave.

Quick to lock/unlock

Hands full? You can set up danalock to sense your approach making it unlock the door automatically when you are near the door. You can also set it up to lock up after entering.

Time-controlled home access

There’s a time for everything and everyone, including visitors. With danalock, you can authorize entry into your space with a personal log-in for smartphone users. Set up a limited window for your guests at home and employees and janitorial staff at your office. Or grant weekend access to visiting house guests. It’s simple to do online or from your smartphone.

  • Invite - Send unlimited keys to family, friends, and visitors with either full or limited access
  • Secure - Patented, highest level of encrypted security available.
  • Retrofit - Install danalock, inside your home over your existing deadbolt with everyday tools
  • Keyless or Key - Operate by app, hand, press of a button or use your traditional key
  • Monitor - Detail log of all lock activities via your smartphone or web browser
  • Battery - Energy efficient design allows for battery life of over one year