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A Greener Yard

Garden Watering System Control with multiple zones, Wi-Fi Connected Smart Sprinkler control allows you to monitor and control your watering system from anywhere. Easily automate your watering programs based on local weather. Green box cloud allows you to optimize your watering program so plants get the exact amount of water they need.


Manage your Greenbox from anywhere, using a simple and intuitive interface accessible to all.



A friendly interface made for real people. Super easy scheduling, quick and simple setup.


Keep track of Greenbox's activity and get system notifications, at home or while you’re away.



Allow Greenbox to automatically schedule your watering programs for you, based on local weather. It's one less thing to worry about at home.




Greenbox Cloud optimizes your watering programs using a proprietary irrigation algorithm. Your grass and plants get exactly the amount of water they need- no more, no less.


  • Each Greenbox controller supports up to 8 zones, including one optional master valve.
  • By providing Bluetooth Smart for short-range direct communication as well as WiFi for remote access, you’ll always maintain full control of Greenbox, no matter where you are.
  • Connect Greenbox to your router in seconds, and create a watering schedule for your entire yard in just minutes.
  • Greenbox’s irrigation algorithm uses location-based weather data, user feedback, and other environmental data to optimize your garden’s watering programs.
  • Back up all your watering programs and settings to Greenbox’s servers, for easy recovery and mobility between devices, free of charge.
  • Greenbox works right out of the box, no subscription required for basic weather services.
  • The ability to update firmware, the web application, and the mobile app ensure that Greenbox will be relevant for many years to come.
  • Greenbox’s interface is available as a native iOS app or as a web app in your browser. Compatible with any Internet-connected smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Great news! The most advanced home irrigation system is also the first truly affordable product of its kind!