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Self powered water meter

Amphiro A1 displays the water consumption of every shower you take and motivates water conservation and energy savings of 440 kWh/2245gallons/150 dollars per year. Showering is the second largest energy end use in the household - using far more energy than refrigeration, cooking and lighting combined. Reducing hot water consumption is essential even in water-rich countries in order to reduce energy consumption. That way, you can pursue energy efficiency goals or simply get a sense for your personal resource utilization in the shower. The shower meter amphiro a1 seamlessly integrates as a design component between your shower hose and the handheld shower head. You can easily install it with just a few simple moves and without any tools. The device harvests its energy for the display and its electronics from the water flow, it does not need any batteries.


Saving water and energy

Households use on average 2’000 kWh per year for heating up water. That is more than they use for cooking, lighting, the fridge, or all electronic devices combined. In fact, water heating is the second largest position in a household’s energy bill only after space heating. Therefore, using hot water efficiently is a key to achieving energy saving targets.


Amphiro’s products harvest energy for their operation from the water flow. Thus, they do not require batteries or mains connections. The underlying micro-mechatronic system delivers power and sensor information while being tolerant against calcification and while showing a very low pressure drop.

All of our products and components are being manufactured in Europe according to strict environmental standards, using only materials that are drinking water compliant. More than 10’000 devices are already in operation at our customers.



Amphiro delivers both – ready to use retrofit products that consumers can install in a few seconds as well as easy-to-built-in modules for system integration into products of the sanitary industry. Applications comprise temperature displays for bathroom faucets, tools for admeasuring water in the kitchen, local consumption feedback displays, and systems to remotely monitor resource usage and water quality including legionella prevention in hotels and public buildings.
In short: Amphiro paves the way towards smart faucets for the digital era. We make possible the development of numerous differentiating features and novel services for the faucet and energy industry while contributing to an energy efficient product portfolio.