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Gecko Bluetooth Smart Tag- Make your smart phone SMARTER

With Gecko you can trigger, secure, remind, capture, track and locate.

The Gecko Tag is a Bluetooth Low Enegy (BLE), coin cell powered device that makes your smart phone smarter. Advancing the IoT by bringing connectivity to previously unconnected objects and gesture control to smartphones and tablet PCs. Gecko Tag is a combination of accelerometer and Bluetooth Low Energy equipped device that connects to your smartphone or tablet to assist in monitoring everyday items in your life. Gecko Tag’s compact size, approximately 1-inch square, allows for seamless integration with both connected and non-connected world.

Perform your favorite and most common actions with a simple Gecko gesture, without taking your phone out of your pocket. iOS and Android 4.3 compatible. Also equipped with a LED light, buzzer an ambient thermometer and one standard micro USB port.

Gesture Control

Turn up the tunes! Gecko controls music on your phone.Gecko changes tracks and controls volume with a flick of your wrist.

Smart Phone Application & Gecko cloud

Gecko smart phone application will be available from Apple App store for iOS devices that support BT 4.0 (iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 3rd generation, iPad Mini), and it will be available on Google play store for all android devices that support Android 4.3 OEM with Bluetooth 4.0 support. Currently it has been tested on Samsung Galaxy S4 and Nexus 7 tablets.

Motion Detector: Stick or Tag

Stick a Gecko Tag on your door, purse, luggage or other valuables.

A Gecko stuck on your door will alert you every time the door opens. If you need to secure a window or a basement door that is not safe for kids, you can count on your Gecko to send you an alert on your phone every time the door is opened. Catch the intruder at the right moment.

Go ahead and take a nap while you are waiting for your flight. Gecko will take care of your bags and alerts you if someone moves them. Feel safer with a Gecko. We leave it to your imagination to use Gecko’s motion detection alert feature.

Extend by Triggers

Gecko offers extend-ability to open a whole new set of applications. Gecko comes with an extension port to connect with other devices and trigger an actions. Say CHEESE! Get in the frame, wave your arm and let Gecko trigger the camera.

Tag your pets with Gecko and get alerted when they try to sneak out of your home.

Or… Let’s say you are at a mall and took your eyes off your child for just a moment to look at a price tag…now he’s not there! Ditch that agony. Tag them with a Gecko and get alerted when your kids wander. Track anything tagged with Gecko within 100 feet radius from the phone. Or track Phone from Gecko within 100 feet range. The moment any one moves out of the 100 feet range, get an audible alert on both.

Virtual Monitoring: Medical Monitoring

Put your Gecko on a pill box and monitor your loved ones medication schedule. Gecko alerts you when the pillbox hasn’t been used at the scheduled time. Alerts can be sent to loved ones who may be in other part of the world, so you can ensure that you – or your kids or parents – never miss another dosage again.

Camera Trigger

How many times have you wished for an extra person to take a picture so you don’t get left out of the frame? Well, now the Gecko is your extra arm. All you need to do is place your phone or DSLR in position and get in the frame. Wave your arm and Gecko does the rest for you.

You can also program Gecko to take pictures either once or multiple times at fixed intervals. The time interval and number of snaps can be programmed from the Gecko App on your smart phone.

Industrial Design

The industrial design of this amazing device is done with lot of care keeping you in mind.

We have taken care to ensure it fits into your area of application rather snuggly. While the single piece uni- body feel ensures a sleek and adorable look, the tough build quality and detailing ensures durability with the optimal weight.

With the size slightly bigger than a quarter coin. The “Gecko” fits in any way you would want to use it in, may it be a simple tag to the key chain or to be hidden in your purse.

Smart Phone Application & Gecko Cloud

Gecko smart phone application will be available from Apple App store for iOS devices that support BT 4.0 (iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 3rd generation, iPad Mini), and it will be available on Google play store for all android devices that support Android 4.3 OEM with Bluetooth 4.0 support.

Track and Find

Tag anything you need to Track and Find. Put Gecko on your key chain and you can keep track or find your keys easily. Be it your wallet, laptop or pet. You can find your phone too with Gecko, even if your phone is laying somewhere in the couch on Silent Mode.

Never again fret ‘Now where did I put those keys?’

You have better things to do. Gecko will remember where you left your keys, phone, wallet, bag – just about anything! So go ahead, tag it with a Gecko and you can locate anything within a 100 feet radius

Gecko Community to Find Lost Items

It gets better!!! Lost something out of a 100 foot radius?

Just declare your item as lost. The Gecko community will find it for you. You may invite your friends to download the Gecko App even if they don’t own a Gecko, then help you to find your lost items tagged to Gecko. Your friends can download the app and help you find your stuff’s Geo location.

Widen your Gecko World by simply connecting to your Facebook account and let Gecko send request to all your friends or other actual Gecko users


Gecko is a Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth Smart) device.
LED indication
Buzzer for audible alerts
Accelerometer Sensor for motion detection
Removable battery
Coin cell  – CR2032, 3V, Average Battery life to be 1 year (however, Battery life depends on the actual usage scenario and other sensors or triggers used with the Gecko too)